Bulgakov house museum's tours in English


Tour of the Bulgakov house museum

You will learn all the unknown facts about the Bulgakov`s  life in this tour: the circumstances in which he lived and worked, the people that surrounded him, who inspired the writer and decried him. You will see the fate of other outstanding  personalities of the twentieth century, which were in the house on Bolshaya Sadovaya: Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan, Feodor Chaliapin and Kazimir Malevich, Pyotr Konchalovsky and Mikhail Ryabushinsky and many others. By the example of the one house`s life you will see a great deal of interesting facts of the Russian`s history from the beginning of the last till the beginning of the current centuries.

Tour duration: 40 min

Total cost: 10.000 rubles



Tour by tram 302 – bis.  Bulgakov and his era

You will start a mystical journey through the famous Bulgakov`s places and hear the greatest stories associated with them on our red Tram 302-bis. Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Patriarch Ponds are the places that played a large part in Bulgakov`s novels and that are directly associated with the life of Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov.

At the end of the trip you will take an excursion at the  museum, where you will learn all the things you have never known about the favorite writer,   hear the story of the most mystical house in Moscow, personally acquainted with a cat Behemoth and  drop a note into the love box.

Free configuration of the seats in the tram.

Tour duration: 1h 20 min

Total cost: 24.000 rubles



Day`s pedestrian tour « To follow in the tracks of Master and Margarita»

The Moscow buildings and streets are still keeping the memory of  the lightest and sincere love story that the humanity have ever seen. And they are ready to reveal all their secrets to you, the sincerest admirers of Bulgakov`s works!

You will go to Bulgakov house museum, visit «the Haunted Flat», where Bulgakov lived; go through those streets where Margarita with  yellow flowers in her hand  and Master in his beautiful suit passed. You will approach  the mansion which window She flied out because of the griefs and  misfortunes that had befallen her. Also you will see that basement where Master worked on his novel overnight and  where his secret wife read the written and embroidered in yellow silk the letter «M» on a black cap.

 Tour duration: 3 h

Total cost: 16.000 rubles



Theatrical night tour “Schizophrenia, as was Said”

Bulgakov house museum presents an unique project of theatrical night tour called “Three nights among the real characters”. What would happen if you appeared on the pages of “Master and Margarita”? Just imagine it. What would happen if you were the participant of that event that happened in Moscow through Woland and his entourage’s fault? Apart from the fact that you will come across the characters of the novel on the Moscow streets, you will have no guide during the night journey through the museum`s rooms.

The doors are closed and you are in the mythical character`s hands…

 Tour duration: 2 h

Total cost: 52.000 rubles


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